ATV / UTV Trip Packing List


A big part of having a great time out in the woods is having the right gear. It can make the difference between a great day on the trails or a miserable one. Here are some tips on what to bring to make your ATV trip more enjoyable.


Proper clothing:

It’s important to make sure you’re dressed properly for your activity, for your safety and comfort. ATV trips are conducted in the spring, summer, and fall, so you’ll need to be prepared for weather from warmth and sun to cool and rainy.


    • Helmet – We provide motocross-style helmets and goggles with all rentals. No worries if you don’t know your size. Our staff will help you select a properly sized helmet the morning of your trip. If you have your own DOT helmet and wish to wear it, you’re more than welcome to bring it along.  We also provide goggles with clear lenses, but you may opt to wear sunglasses instead – either way we require eye protection while riding our machines.

    • Shirt – We recommend long-sleeve shirts for riding even when it’s warm outside. All of our ATV trails run through the woods, and a long sleeve shirt will better protect you from getting scrapes and cuts from brush. Long-sleeves will also provide protection from the sun.

    • Sweatshirt – We recommend our guests carry spare layers while out riding. It can cool off quickly any time of year once the sun starts to set. Should you end up out later than expected; at least you will still be warm. Just like during snowmobile season we always recommend you avoid cotton. There are many clothing manufacturers out there that offer synthetic materials that dry quickly and retain their warming properties when wet. If you don’t have one, we offer hooded sweatshirts for sale that make the perfect layer.

    • Pants – We recommend something quick drying made out of a synthetic material, like a hiking pant. The goal is something light that offers good protection from branches and brush. Jeans are ok; just keep in mind that once jeans get wet they will likely stay wet for a long time. It’s your choice on what type, but long pants are required.

    • Footwear – We require boots that are at least taller than your ankle and recommend calf height boots. Why? One, they protect you better, including your leg, ankle, and foot. Two, they offer support that you don’t find in sneakers.

    • Spare Layers – Along with a sweatshirt, we also recommend guests pack rain gear. Rain gear doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. They sell full rain suits at Wal-Mart for right around $10. Its most likely going to get ruined anyway, so don’t waste your money on the good stuff. If you don’t want to look like your repaving I-95, we offer dark blue and olive drab rain suits that look a little better for right around $25. They are washable and should last a couple trips.  See our staff at check in and we can get you geared up.


Print out a copy of our packing list for your ATV trip with us: 


ATV/UTV Packing List


Packing list:


Like any trip, it’s always good to pack a snack! Here is a list of goods that we recommend you carry along with you on your adventure. You can also find all of these goods at check-in with our staff.


    • Camera – we offer waterproof rugged digital cameras for rent to capture your memories. Wanna catch the action live? We also rent GoPro hero 3 silver edition video cameras.

    • Sunscreen

    • Bug Spray – mostly for May-June

    • Bottled water

    • Snacks – granola bars, trail mix, etc.


Essentials we provide:


    • First Aid Kit

    • Tire Plug Kit

    • Air Compressor