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About Us

Your Maine Outdoor Recreation Center

Maine has 14,000 miles of interconnected snowmobile trails, with endless riding opportunities from the heart of it all in Central Maine. No matter what kind of riding you’re looking for we have something for you. All trails maintained by our local clubs and supported by volunteers.

Our guests range from families with children to adventure-seeking adults; all who are looking to create incredible memories.


The company is run by a couple passionate about outdoor recreation. It’s our vision to help others explore the incredible bounty of Maine through one of our favorite means of travel, motorized recreational vehicles. MOS strives to be stewards of the Maine woods, teaching our customers how to responsibly and enjoyably traverse Maine trails, while also providing a high-tech, client focused experience. In addition, we support our local network of outdoor adventure resorts and lodges, by offering a well-managed fleet of vehicles for their clients to rent.


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